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2011 Film The Pledge Focuses on Veterans

Robin Capehart’s career includes distinguished service as an attorney and consultant, a tax reform advocate, the West Virginia secretary for Tax and Revenue, and the president of West LIberty University, near Wheeling. Among Robin Capehart’s current projects is his work as a film producer with his Brentwood Avenue Entertainment company.

Brentwood Avenue Entertainment was created to make and promote faith-based, family-oriented, and patriotic movies for general audiences. Prior to forming Brentwood Avenue Entertainment, Robin Capehart served as executive producer for The Pledge, a 2011 movie that gained a featured slot at the GI Film Festival, held every May in Washington, DC. The Pledge was directed by J.W. Myers, who also helmed A Christmas Tree Miracle. It stars Terry Kiser, widely known for his work in Weekend at Bernie’s.

The film tells the story of a teen who cares little about others until he and his family leave New York to move to the West Virginia countryside. The 16-year-old, over-confident and lacking insight into the sacrifices of American military veterans, vandalizes a local statue of a vet from World War I. When his punishment involves community service work with veterans in a local hospital, he broadens his circle of acquaintances and finds himself challenged to expand his sympathies. The film also blends in interviews with real veterans, who offer their own opinions on the meaning of patriotism.

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