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ABA Releases New Social Media Guideline Book

Robin Capehart, West Liberty

An accomplished legal professional, teacher, administrator, and executive whose career spans several decades, former West Liberty University president Robin Capehart now serves in the same role with Fleet Solutions International. Active in the legal field before his tenure at West Liberty, Robin Capehart remains a member of the American Bar Association.

Emergent technology and the ever-expanding use of social media are playing major roles in the legal profession, both in practice and everyday office management. In response to the expanding influence of social media, the American Bar Association has released a new book titled, “Legal Ethics and Social Media: A Practitioner’s Handbook,” to help lawyers navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of social media use - particularly Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
The book is available for purchase at and broaches a number of social-media related topics such as advertising, client relations, and appropriate use in actual courtroom litigation. In addition to best practices, the book also includes a number of opinions and related cases that can be used for reference purposes.

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