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Robin Capehart Shares Tax Reform Insights with The State Journal

Robin Capehart, West Liberty

Former West Liberty University President Robin Capehart has amassed considerable experience as an attorney, a scholar, and a government official. The recipient of an LLM in taxation from Georgetown University, Robin Capehart has drawn on his knowledge of tax law and strategy to advise West Virginia state officials on future tax reforms.

In 2015, Mr. Capehart sat down with The State Journal to offer his insight on West Virginia’s ongoing efforts to revise its tax code. When asked to theorize on why many of the state’s recently elected politicians seem eager to face the challenge of tax reform, he noted that previous reluctance was due not to a lack of understanding regarding current taxation issues, but to the large number of entrenched interests that are satisfied with the status quo. With state officials now more open to change, they may choose a number of potential paths toward a more modern, effective tax system.

In describing how West Virginia might go about creating a more fluid tax system that can accommodate shifting trends in the state’s economic landscape, Mr. Capehart highlighted taxing specific business entities at varying rates as one potential solution. He also advised adopting a greater consideration for how businesses spend their money. Because the state’s current tax code levies taxes on business inventory and equipment, it places a greater burden on manufacturing companies than service providers. By shifting to a tax code based on more broadly applicable factors, such as compensation, interest, and dividends paid, the state could begin restoring balance to its tax system.

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